We need an Islamic Caliphate!

In order to live in peace and security, we Muslims need an Islamic caliphate!!


Every Muslim and every Muslim woman has the right to live in an Islamic state.

And we Muslims urgently need such a state, where according to Koran and Sunnah is ruled,!!


It must not be the case that a Muslim, if he is somewhere in distress, cannot find a place in the world where he can live according to the Koran and Sunnah.

This matter of course should actually be understood by everyone who is of good will.


And of course we Muslims have to make an effort so that such an Islamic state is founded. In other words, a state that can become home to every Muslim and every Muslim woman in the world.


There are already approaches for liberated areas, al-hamdu li-llah: e.g. in areas of Sham/Iraq, in areas of Somalia/Yemen, in areas of Afghanistan/Pakistan ...


The Islamic caliphate to be founded will not be ruled by a particular nation or people or capitalism, but by the laws of Allah (swt).


As the martyr Sayyid Qutub (1906-1966), executed in Egypt, said so aptly: We Muslims do not accept a government based on the rule of man and man's servitude to man.


This disturbs the unbelievers and crusaders who have divided the whole world among themselves in an imperialist way.


The imperialists under the leadership of the USA and Germany are extremely brutal opponents of Islam.

This shows in particular the many wars which the unbelievers and crusaders have waged against the Muslims in the past years.


The infidels and crusaders try to rule the world with the means of a world police, if necessary also with military interventions, i.e. with police and military power.


Both Muslims and non-Muslims are affected by the oppression of unbelievers and crusaders. Because the global world economic system dominated by the US/Germany is a system of daily mass murder: Every day about 100,000 people die worldwide from hunger and its health consequences. This dimension of extermination - in a world which has more than enough means to supply every human being - is the dramatic consequence of the non-observance of the laws of Allah (swt).


Even if the imperialists try to cover up the truth, it must be made clear here: What the USA and the Germany have to answer for worldwide is mass destruction and the opposite of peace. Or can one seriously call a death penalty of 100,000 starving people per day "peace"?


It goes without saying that worldwide resistance is developing against the system of unbelievers and crusaders.

In order to escape the global system of injustice and to apply the laws of Allah (swt) as they were revealed to mankind in the Koran and Sunnah – The main goal of Islamic resistance group!


We Muslims have to bring the demand for our own Islamic state to the fore naturally, loudly and clearly!

Such an Islamic state will not be given to us by the unbelievers and crusaders, but we as Muslims must enforce such a state!


Brothers and sisters, support the international Islamic movement and make a concrete commitment to the establishment of the Islamic caliphate!


Without the existence of such an Islamic caliphate, there can be no peace in the world!


Allah's Messenger, Muhammad (S), said:


"Prophethood will continue among you for as long as Allah wills, and Allah will withdraw it if He wills. What is meant are the 30 years of the rightfully guided caliphs.

Then follows the Caliphate according to the method of the Prophet, as long as Allah wills. Then He will abolish it.

This means the kings and sultans from the "Caliph Dynasties" to the rulers of the Ottoman Empire.

Then a brutal reign will begin, which will reign as long as Allah wills, and which He will abolish at His discretion. This means the military dictatorships established by the imperialists.


Then the caliphate comes again according to the Prophet's method.´

Then the Messenger of Allah remained silent.



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