In the name of Allah, the all merciful.

1- To the entire people of the world,

2- To the religion and the belief of the followers

a) To the responsibility of the preaching and guidance, which the clergymen have taken upon themselves!

b) To the Pope and the priests of the Catholic Church!

c) To the patriarchs and the clergymen of the Greek-Orthodox Church!

d) To the Rabbis and the Pope of the Armenian Church!

e) To the rabbis and monks of the Jews!

f) To the monks of Buddhism!

g) To the monks of Brahman!

h) To the sect leaders and priests of the Islamic world!

i) To all scientists, writers and thinkers among others the press, radio and television broadcasts of the world!

j) To the statesmen of the world!


Now I call upon all of the aforementioned and say:

Come, everyone, to a common ground in our lives and on this world, since we are all people of this world and must live on it. Let us be happy and sad together. Through which a world order shall be, and with which we will all be satisfied. This order should be able to bring closer from day to day, make us love each other more and have more consideration. Differences should never come between the races as world regions.

At the same time the right should manifest itself which will verify the justice and though which people can achieve freedom and peace, so that they can await the future in confidence and live in freedom and consequently on their lives and ability and finally can be certain about their human rights and worth!



In order to be able to reach such goal, there are a few conditions. They should be filled one after the other. It is an essential condition and basis that we must end this war on the world, where ever that may be. It is never possible to lead a new order without ending the wars with weapons, i. e. it is not right to speak of a new world order, when Algeria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Azerbaijan, Chetchenya, Bosnia and other countries where the people bomb and stab each other, injure the sense of honor, destroy each other's houses and worldly goods. How this can be stopped:

a) He who has control over the armed forces should mobilize them to stop the attackers.

b) He who has the power and influence over the attackers should have his power and influence come into validity.

c) If money is needed it should be given out without question.

d) Scientists and thinkers will issue scienfitic, intellectual and idealistic works, which should clarify for everyone that the offending of human rights has neither a material nor spiritual advantage.

e) The scholars and representatives of religion, show have the task to preach Islam and to show the people justice, will be made the attackers to relevance and worn the people through their speeches and preaching as well as the publications and to make clear how serious the situation is.

f) What is true for the individual denomination: they will try to spread through correspondence and telecommunications to the whole world that they are against these wars and aggressions through which a public opinion shall be formed.


And that is not disarmament:

This behavior does not really mean disarmament. Weapons should, of course, be available; However these weapons should be only produced for self-defense and not as a means of aggression and destruction, rather they should serve for the purpose of protection and of peace and of order. This therefore means that they should not be there for killing people but rather for the sole purpose of allowing people to live in safety and order.



Naturally it would be wrong to say that the fighting between man and state would end. Since experience has shown that such things happen only on occasion. What could be the reason for it? Since people have opinions, intelligence at their disposal, and show the following qualities such as self-satisfaction, greed, envy, conceit, pride, office and rank obsession, affection for lewdness and sensuality. In the beginning, one hides such feelings and qualities. It is not possible for people to remove and eliminate them. Over the course of time, these factors change from person to person, in which there is only a quality and quantity difference. Often it is meek to overstep all limits, either it remains completely under the edge of normal or it exterminates and destroys everything that stands in the way the same as wild-running water, which could break through a straw dam.


Preventive Measures:

This, which everything prevented, results only in war, which only means one thing for both sides: Either a war wit intervention of weapons or else on an intellectual level. Above we have seen that a war with the intervention of weapons would either take place in the present or the future. Therefore only one thing remains! That would be discussion (e. g. an intellectual war)! It possesses two forms: a discussion inside a closed room, and another in public. We for our part prefer the second form of discussion and for the following reasons:

a) Such closed room are always too small, even when it is a large hall. Then it is not possible to collect all the people in the world and bring them into such a hall, never mind only the inhabitants of one existing city.

b) For such a trip to the discussion, you would need money.

c) The large hall would not be for free.

d) The possibility, however small it may be, does exist that something negative may happen.

The discussions along the way of the public meeting happen without accompaniment from an above mentioned possibility out of a small sum, which a newspaper would get.


Discussion Topics:

a) Systems, e. g. the state system: Are they protecting the sovereignty of Allah or the popular rule?

b) Ideologies, Knowledge,

c) Religions and law schools,

d) Philosophies,

e) Law systems, ground laws, and laws,

f) Economical systems,

g) Freedom systems,

h) Other topics of argument.

Observation: Islam is in every way open to any criticism and discussion. In Islam the topics of the convincing of the belief is allowed for example the question , whether Allah does exist or not. Why? Since Islam knows very well that Islam will achieve victory if it is handled in the light of science and the spirit. One simply follows the reasons and works with the things at the bottom therefore one realizes every time that Islam and its holy scriptures, the superior Koran, arrive at the unmistakable knowledge and unlimited power of Allah.


The United Nations, NATO and other similar organizations:

It could be said that there are the United Nations, NATO and other similar authorities! Are they not more than enough? Our answer is: it only becomes a topic of discussion if they use something themselves, never mind if they are capable of mediating the current conflicts.

The events and experience have shown that these institutions are neither capable to discover the truth nor posses the power to prevent bloody fighting. Just the opposite, they achieve many considerable dark positions and indisputable serves and hidden support agendas and present themselves on the side of the powerful states. It is especially ridiculous and exactly a clear impression of injustice and of the party behavior, as well as simultaneously a legalized from of the until now illegal terror and terrorism that the veto right was granted for five particular states.

In addition it would be questioned which conflicts have been mediated at a table and which wars have been prevented until now through the talks at a table. Here is still Azerbaijan, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chetchenya and other similar places. What does the United Nations and its armed forces NATO have been able to prevent, while the weak of these countries have been repressed by the strong, and the people have been killed or sent into exile. Worldly goods have been destroyed. Suffering had been exploited. The honor and pride have been injured. Children have become orphans. Here is the most recent example: the Serbian attack proved that the UN as well as NATO have been unhelpful.

This is why a new way must be described in the new world order, which could bring about a recovery. the disagreements and conflicts between the nations and states could then be mediated at a table through peace and unity talks.



In order to achieve every kind of topic of conflict for revealance in the world and to be able to lead the discussion about it in quiet and freedom, prerequisites must be fulfilled. It would be the freedom: The freedom of opinion and freedom of speech, and the freedom of security, etc. Consequently Islam place a high value on the freedoms of opinion, speech, belief, knowledge, etc. However under certain conditions, such as freedom, it does not just involve one such freedom, rather allows people to be able to discuss such things in every regard. There are several Koran verses on the subject, among them:

1- „... And so that those who die, based on clear proof, and those, who remain alive, based on clear proof would remain alive." (Sure 8, Verse 42)

2- „There is no obligation in faith. The right way has only become recognizable in the face of the wrong. Therefore he, who does not believe in a false god, but rather in Allah, has certainly grasped the safest support, from which there is no more turning away. And Allah is all-hearing, all-knowing..." (Sure 2, Verse 256)

3- „Their Prophets said: Does a doubt exist in Allah, the creator of heaven and earth?" (Sure Ibrahim, Verse 10)

4- „Or have then been created from nothing, or are they the creators themselves? No, but then aren't certain." (Sure 52, Verse 35-36)

5- „Do they not think about the Koran? If it were from someone other than Allah, then they would certainly find many contradictions in there. And if you heard that concerned security or fear, they would make known. If they had brought it to the prophets and everyone, who possesses command, then they would know those among you who could reveal it (about what the news involved in).

And would not Allah's mercy and his compassion for you, you all would have followed Satan, except for a few among you..." (Sure 4, Verse 82-83)

6- "Have they accepted the gods except for Him? Speak: Bring your proof. This (Koran) is an urging for everyone who is with me and a urging for those who are before me. Yet the majority of them do not see the truth and turn away from it." (Sure Enbiya, Verse 24)

7- "Who calls the beginning of creation and repeats it, and who cares for you from heaven and on the earth? Does another God exist besides Allah? Speak: Bring your proof here, if it is believable." (Sure Neml, Verse 64)


The Koran requires a conversation's partner for discussions, since it involves in its own topics from level to level and the conditions are immediately enlightened.

1- „Speak: If the people and the jinni are united to produce the Koran and something similar, they would produce nothing similar, if they stand next to each other." (Sure 17, Verse 88)

2- „Or will they say: He has invented it! Speak: so produce ten evenly matched invented Surra and call to whom you enable, except for Allah, if you are believable!" (Sura 11, Verse 13)

3- „And if you have doubts about what we have said to our Servant, then bring a Sura of the same steel and call upon your witnesses except for Allah, if you are believable." (Sure 2, Verse 23)

It is challenged in the first line that the unity of the superior Koran fulfills, in the second verse, that fulfills a tenth and in the third verse the shortest verse of the Koran through which the conditions of discussion take a course, from which the most difficult starts to change step by step into easier material. Finally we want to study the 17th and the 18th verse of Sura Zümer, in which we determined that these verses comprise in every field of science and a out every topic, e. g. about the affairs of faith, political and scientific matters, legal and religious affairs, familiar and public matters, the methods for discussion and judgment, they demand and recommend and even to such an extent that these verses show the method how one can arrive at the right and direct way and how one can be an intelligent and civilized person; in which it is determined that only such people will desire the divine good news. Therefore the verses appear in regards to their approximate meaning:

„The good news is for those who rebel against serving the Gods, and turn to Allah. Preach a friendly message to my servants, to those servants, who hear the word and follow the most beautiful things. They are the ones who Allah has guided on to the right way and such people who have shown common sense.


We summarize:

These verses that a discussion and conclusion are called for and especially give the impression that freedom of speech and hearing must exist, and as follows:

„The conducting of rights and the salvation are two elements dependent on one another. Since the people hear a lot of things in life, they pull out of them the most beautiful and most applicable and choose such. It is a well known fact that it can only be possible to find the most beautiful of the existing alternatives, if you listen to what is being said. Even if the listening may be a common ground of abilities, it is only through a logical conclusion that the most beautiful is found in all that was said. And finally it is the responsibility of every man to bring the matter into the light of the spirit for the agenda of the discussion and conclusion. The authority of the competent entrust public servants, service, who perform for the denomination and the state and are the humanity help services as good as the entrusted goods. In Islam it is a religious responsibility to give those entrusted goods to the right places. At the same time it is a humanitarian and historical job. As it reads in the holy Koran:

„Allah orders you to give back the entrusted good to their owners; and if you judge among the people, so you have to judge according to justice. Truly it is cheap where Allah cautions you. Allah is all-hearing, all-seeing. (Sura 4, Verse 58)

The following close meaning comprises of the 58th verse of Sure Nisa the following verse:

„Oh you, whom believe, obey Allah and obey the prophets and whose, who among you possesses the command. And if you argue about something, then bring it before Allah and the prophets, if you believe in Allah and in the Judgment Day. This is the best and it takes the most honest a good exit. (Sure 4, Verse 59)

„And you are always divided about something; the discussion about it rests with Allah. This Allah, my Lord; him I trust and to Him I will turn.“ (Sure 42, Verse 10)

Two verses in relation to the preaching:

„Call upon the way of the Lord with wisdom and grateful mercy, and argue with them in the best way. Truly the Lord knows best who has strayed from his way; and He knows each, who is guided correctly, best" (Sure 16, Verse 125)

„And who is better at speaking than the one who Allah calls and does good and says: I a one of the meek?“ (Sura 41, Verse 33)


Commentary and Analysis:

The first superior verse show how the people can call Allah, i. e. not always and each time on the same form and in the same way, rather with hindsight on understanding, knowledge and intellect of the people. The second verse explains the conditions and virtue of the calling of man for justice. Namely:

1- One should have enough knowledge at his disposal. This means, those, who are called to justice, should be informed in the topics of preaching and in relation to the subject, have achieved a firm conscious.

2- What does he know about preaching, should he practice unimpreachable his life so that the people who he wants to preach to will not criticize and so with the reasoning why he fulfills all that is said himself.

3- How does he imagine it? This picture does not follow through with the instructions of the descent and family and riches as well as of a scientific range through that is aid that he is one of the Muslims.


How have the correctly lead Khalifs understood Freedom?

The first preaching of Khalif Ebu Bekr (may Allah be with him) and his orders to the army of Usame: The first Khalif of our prophets, the correctly lead Ebu Bekr, held a Friday sermon, when he was voted as Khalif and said to his friends who had voted for him under the praise of Allah the following:

„How Oh people, I was voted as your leader, when I was not the best of you. When I handle well, so help me; and when I handle poorly, then correct me. Sincerity is loyalty, and lying is betrayal. The weak are strong with me, until I supply him his rights, as Allah wills. And the strong among you is weak with me until I take his measured rights from him, as Allah wills. No people neglects the fight on the way of Allah, without Allah plaguing them with humiliation and in no one are sexual advances widened without Allah sending misfortune. Obey me, so long as I obey Allah and his prophets. If I am disobedient to Allah and his prophets, then do not apply any obedience to me. Rise yourselves to your prayer that Allah pities you.


A Friday sermon of the Khalif Omar (may Allah be with him):

After his assuming office Khalif Omar climbed the pulpit (may Allah be with him) and held among the praise of Allah the following sermon: „Oh you people! I was brought to your front in order to take care of your matters. If I have not been convincing, in relation to taking care of your concerns and of the awareness of your interests to be the best and strongest, I would not have accepted this. In relation to the considerations I perceive your rights and where I will establish them and how I will among you, the sadness is already enough for Omar, which develops through the consciousness that the day of the accountability could break out any moment. My helper is the Lord. Then, if Allah were to withdraw his help and renounces his support, absolutely nothing remains for Omar on which he can hold on to.“

Then he held the following sermon: „Allah, the Compassionate, make me a Khalif for the taking care of your concerns. I hope that I can help you the most. I pray to Allah, that he may help me and protect me. Especially may He help me to perceive your rights and to exercise among your justice. Then I am Muslim and a summoned servant. Only the help of Allah, the all-powerful, gives me the strength. Through which that I have take on myself as Khalif, will not change my moral fundamentals the least bit. Allah, the all-powerful, is raised above all. his servants are not entitled to be praised. None of you will ever be able to say "Omar has changed a lot after the acceptance of the Khalif". The justice, which I place on top and do not hold my actions secret from you, proceeds me. Who among the people way unjustly handled or tyrannized, should report to me. After all I am just a person. For your concerns, secret or not secret, and at any time, it does not matter whether poverty or riches rules, you should fear Allah all the time. Give back that with you the contained rights to his claimer. do not bring any from you to me for the purpose of his judgment and based on the enmity for each other. For I know friendship relating to justice. None will have preferred treatment. I wish for you only the best. That your are in an emergency, touches me a lot. You are a few people, who were present in a land where neither herbs nor gain had grown except for those plants whose growth Allah, the majestic, had wanted. Allah, the majestic, promised you many gifts and he has granted them to you. The, what was entrusted in me, I will not hopefully hand over to anyone until I discuss it with certain people of you, who are trustworthy and capable to give the general public the advice.“


The first Friday sermon of Khalif Osman (may Allah be with him!):

After the oath of allegiance was made, the Khalif Osman made the following sermon:

„According to the praise and price of Allah, I have now accepted the task which has been imposed on me. I am not a law-maker, rather a subject. You should know with certainty that you could raise three claims against me, as long as I obey the holy book of Allah, the sunna of the prophets (Allah praise him and worship him). You could make valid against me as the entitled claim for you, that I am said to practice those claims correspondingly about those you are united and those which remained from my predecessors, and that I in relation to the matters, which have no unity as far as you are concerned, follow only the summa who only does good and that I am said to unjustly touch none of you and that I am not allowed to become involved in your matters, except in the cases where it is necessary. Consider, the world is green and charming. It appears pleasant of the people and the majority of people favor this world. You should never show affection for this world and never give trust to it. Because the world is not trustworthy. You should not let it out of sight that the world is never left alone from someone. It is constantly followed.“


The Friday sermon of Khalif Ali (may Allah be with him):

„All praise due to Allah. I praise and value him alone. I only ask for help from him. I believe and trust him. I attest the fact that there is no other God other than Allah. He is the only one and has not partner. Mohammed is his servant and prophet. He has sent Mohammed with the true way and religion in order to heal you and to warn you. Know that you will die. After death you will rise again and stand before Allah and be pulled over your deeds of accountability and your corresponding deeds will be punished. The earthly life should never trick you. Since the earth is a living place decorated with unpleasanties know for their downfall, marked for their cruelty. Everything that is there is judged. The life in this world is a topic of discussion and boasting among the world's inhabitants.“


The closing sermon of our prophets:

„Our praise is for you alone, Oh Lord! All glory and honor is yours alone, Oh Lord! There is no other God other than Allah. He has no partner, there is no one except for Him to whom would be prayed. Everything, which is on earth and in heaven, belongs to Him. We want to thank Him. He is the one who brings us to life and let us die. He is alone the one who is capable of everything. he keeps his promises, while He helps his servants and those who come together.

Oh people, listen to my speech, because I do not know whether I will meet you at this place next year.

Oh people, your blood and your ability are invulnerable until you meet your maker, just as this day of yours is invulnerable, and as this month of yours is invulnerable. And you will meet your maker and He will ask you about your deeds and I will have already answered.

If one of you has an entrusted good, it should be given back, to whom it belongs. Every profiteering is invalid since the capital is present without doing you injustice or will be done unjustly.

Allah decided that it should not give any profiteering and all profiteering on the part of Abb ibn Abdul Muttalib is invalid. All blood feuds from the pre-Islamic time of the uncertainty are invalid, the first blood feud which I declare as invalid is the blood feud of Ibn Rabia ibn Al Harith ibn Adbul Muttalib...

Then, oh people, Satan has given up hope of being prayed to in this land of yours. If he is obeyed in other things then he is there satisfied already with deeds that you consider unimportant from you. Therefore take your religion seriously. Oh people, the calendar manipulation means the increase of the unbelieving and the leading of unbelieving to madness. The allow themselves a year and not in another year around the time frame which Allah has declared holy. In this way they allow what Allah has forbidden and forbid what Allah had allowed. Time is running out as it passes the day since Allah created the earth and heaven; and in truth, the number of months Allah came to was twelve from which four are holy, three follow each other (Zulkaida, Zulhidscha and Muharram) and Radschab between Dscumada and Schaban as individual.

Since, oh people, you have the right to your wives and they have the right to your, your have the right over them that no one goes into your bed, which repulses your; and it is obligatory for them that they do not get away from the scandal. If they do do it, Allah has allowed your to distance yourself from the bed and to hit her lightly. And if she then stops it then they deserve their care and clothes with proper concession. And treat your wives well, since they are dependent on you and own nothing themselves. You have them only as entrusted goods from Allah and you have your shame based on the word of Allah.

Understand, oh my people, my words that I have delivered. I leave you something through which you, if you hold tight, will never go mad, a clear thing: The script of Allah and the sunna of His prophets Consume, custom. The definition shows everything here what the prophets of Allah in this feature said, did and approved.

Oh people, listen to my words and understand them. Know, that every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim and that the Muslims are brothers. There is allowed to no one from his brother, except what is given freely, do not treat each other unjustly. Oh Allah, have I delivered your message?“

So the people, who listen to him attentively, answered from all sides, „Yes! You have foreboded us, fulfilled your task!“ Then the prophet said, „Oh Allah, attest!“ and continued on with his camel. The Prophet held this historical speech, at that time there were not any microphones and loud speakers, and one of the contemporaries of the prophet, Rabia ibn Umeyye repeated with a loud voice the speech sentence for sentence. Our prophet, who spoke to hundreds of people, delivered through his speech almost a short summary of Islam, namely:

1. With that he brings the impression that Allah is the only God and that everything supports his orders and his power and that he should be prayed to alone.

2. Our prophet brought through a balance of his twenty-three year struggle and wins and overview of out the fruits of his many years-long fight.

3. Our prophet begins his speech with a salutation of „Oh people“, not with the calling, „Oh Muslims“ through which he has shown that he has not only come for the Arab peninsula and alone for one folk as prophet, rather for the whole world and for all people.

4. He is aware of all people's capabilities and goods security.

5. The tax institution created from the ground up.

6. He attests the fact that all systems of law have lost their validity after the Islamic law was introduced.

7. He has ordered the conditions concerning entrusted goods be met.

8. He recommended every kind of sin to be avoided.

9. He tried to explain that a matter of unbelieving is to be advised in discord.

10. He has recommended to observe the rights of wives and slaves accordingly.

11. He has shown that all people must be handled equally before the law.

12. He underlined the fact that the way, which leads people to salvation and ascension, is that of the Koran and the Sunna.

13. He made the remark that Islam has only been completed and his task ended and that his leaving from this world would arrive soon.


1. Islam is superior to the western civilization:

According to credible proof it is certain that all political systems in the West have obtained exceedingly big profits out of the political system of Islam. For example the right to elect the ruling person, thus limiting their respective freedom.

Also Gustav Le Bon writes the following in his book „Arabic Civilization“ (p. 567), „When examining the western civilization to the core one can discover new things and see horizons broaden. One starts to realize that in the Middle Ages the first ancient tribes only became know with the help of the Arabic people (Muslim people). For 500 years the Universities in the West could only function with Arab (Muslim) books. It was only Arabic (Muslim) people who in Europe have made progress in the field of materialism, intelligence and ethics. If one examines what the Arabs (Muslims) have achieved and what inventions they have made in the field of science, one can clearly see that no other community has ever existed in this world, which could have produced what they have.“

Professor Milo of the University of Paris, impressed by the form of election of rulers in Islam says, „The election of a caliph is the special right of the Islamic religious community and they apply it by voting.“

In connection with the sermon, which caliph Ebu Bekir gave on the day he took over the Caliphate, he makes the following comments: „So the caliph Bekir does not see himself as someone who is the absolute monarch and who has monopolized the rights to interpret the Holy Book (Koran). Also he has never claimed to be holy or to have any connections to the heavens. However he did presume that he is a mere delegate of the religious community, which in turn sees him as one who was a normal human like others in the community, or who was from the beginning chosen to be ruler by the community.“ (See "Introduction to the Study of Islamic Law")

These are a few examples of opinions by western scholars as a few drops in an ocean.


2. What is the western opinion on Freedom?

If one studies the political history of the nations through the centuries, one realizes that the topic of religious freedom is the most important point of controversy between rulers and nations. There is Socrates, whom the West has made its idol and who rose against the dictators and told those, whose rulers the people were to follow, this „He who knows about politics also know about virtue. And at the same time he is the one who know of fairness. He will be obeyed voluntarily and not out of mere fear.“ Nevertheless Socrates was accused of instigating the youths. For those reasons he was executed. His execution is a black stain on the white vest of Greek democracy. He was to be forced to obey and did not oppose. Threatened with death he proclaimed these famous words: „A human being who is not allowed to declare his own opinion is a dead human being!“ To the judges who sentenced him due to his unbelief and the instigation of minors he said the following: „If you plan to release me in turn for my promise to stop investigating the nation, I will only tell you one thing-I thank the people of Athens. Instead I prefer to obey Allah of whom I believe has burdened me with this. I regard it as higher to obey him than to have to follow you. As long as there is one pulsating vein in my body I will never cease to occupy myself with philosophy. I will continue my mission. Gentlemen, I do not know what death tastes like. Nevertheless I am not afraid of it. It might be something unpleasant, but be aware of that for me it is unpleasant to be forced to make do without my own message. Otherwise I would prefer something unfair to something most probable beautiful.“ After this his execution was announced. He did not run away even though he was blamed of denying the gods and spoiling the minors.


3. Political Freedom is a substantial part of all other Freedom:

It is said that the freedom of speech and of opinion is a substantial part of all other freedoms. In answer to this Roosevelt wrote the following in his letter to Congress on the 1st of January, 1941, „Four types of freedom should rule the world. They would be the Freedom of speech, the Freedom of Religious Beliefs, the Freedom to be safe of fear and the Freedom of a life without misery.“

Judge Caspiro Benton said, „Judge Helms rightly said: If one part of the Constitution would make it necessary to be more bound to one specific principle than to others it would be the freedom of speech. This freedom is not only for all those who support us in our beliefs, but it is the freedom to accept even those opinions that we do not personally support.“ (see D. Imad Abdulhamid en-Neccar, A sensible Criticism, p. 66)

Very well one could assume that the part of the Constitution at issue, which is known as the „First Amendment to the American Constitution“, is derived from the above mentioned: „For Congress it is impossible to issue any laws which would limit the freedom of speech.“

Professor Sabirov says this: „The highest court of the United Nations has been fighting for the freedom of speech ever since the American War for Independence and makes it clear that it is necessary to make the freedom of speech a principle. Because it is the most important freedom. Without it one cannot talk about free politics. In connection with this the Law should in its valid draft protect the freedom instead of condemning it.“

In connection with this an American legal adviser said the following in the year 1937: „The freedom of speech and opinion contains inevitable conditions and an indispensable content for all other forms of freedom. Is the freedom of speech violated there will neither be talk of freedom nor of the existence of justice.“

So Frankfurter says: „Every law which negatively influences the freedom of speech is not healthy. To apply this the American Supreme Court proclaimed the following judgement: "It is a sign of degradation in the eyes of a citizen to limit the freedom of speech even if it is done out of the embarrassment of hysterical situation. It is not possible to restrict this freedom for communists. Otherwise we would create a piece of hell in our own country.“ (See Dr. Imad Abdulhamid en-Neccar, A Sensible Criticism, p. 368)

In connection with our previous explanations we can say the following: Out of the preceding explanations it is now possible to derive the conclusion that the freedom of speech and of opinion are the substantial parts of all other freedom. This freedom shall be granted to every person since it is closely connected with the human existence. It is not to be denied that it is impossible to talk of politics without this freedom. Only in light of this reasonable result are we in the position to understand the differences between the autocrat regime and the democratic state. The political freedom is a necessity due to the following reasons:

1. It is necessary in the political area, since this freedom is an effective means for the improvement of rulers or for the improvement in general. This is called „improving criticism“.

2. Only due to this freedom are all people able to watch those who rule them and to draw the line for their unruly behavior.

3. In those cases where the advice and defending political criticism shows not improvement, the freedoms a successful method to ward off the unruly behavior of the rulers and to be able to back the tyrant rulers.

4. It is a way to show the identity of a person. Without this a human would be like a creature, very close to an animal, which only wishes to follow its material and bestial instincts. Thus the philosophy of democracy shows clearly that the state is obliged to protect the freedom of the public and to govern its relations in accordance with theses high principles.

5. John Stuart Mill and freedom: John Stuart Mill, a western scientist, who in the 18th Century spoke several times for freedom said in his book „Freedom“: „Everyone should know one thing: If an opinion it to be silenced this implies that a reality was discouraged.“ Even a wrong opinion can sometimes do with a bit of reality. It might even lead to some reality. In regard to good opinions the masses can sometimes cause a bad conviction. Sometimes the most valid opinions lose their vitality and effectiveness in regard to peoples lives if they are not shown reactions by other people from time to time.“

Further he says, „The opinion which intends to silence the ruling authority could very well be the truth. But those who want to silence them unfortunately never admit that it is a valid opinion. But are those not the ones who have not been freed of mistakes? Every attempt to end the discussion is actually the attempt which tries to convince the others to accept that the persons concerned are free from faults. It is against the laws of nature to forbid the people without any reason to mention their own opinions. It is not possible to stand between the people and the issues which move them like an obstacle. A ruler who does not profit from the opinions and views of his subjects (citizens), and whose country no other opinion but his own is valid, and who never enables another opinion, contrasting his own, to form in his country is definitely on track to run himself along with his country headlong into destruction, if he refuses to change his behavior in light of his faults.“

Also Stuart Hill is of the opinion that if the opinions supported by the government have faults as well as good points it is necessary to use dialogue and characteristic of fundamentalism is accepting opinions. This is why the representatives of opinions are acceptable and true a dialogue might become necessary in light of these opinions, so that the facts included in these opinions are not of the same standard as a belief which was called into existence and soon disappeared.


Negative effects of the "Unterdrückung" of Freedom in Politics and Speech:

If the freedom of speech is once taken away due to laws, society will be corrupted culturally and morally, the ideological activities will become passive and this will together make all possible negative effects in the society and economy noticable. The behavoir of the people suffers some disturbances, and hipocrisy breaks out. Everyone starts to express not what his own opinion is. Speculators appear, that the government applauds and conducts speeches everywhere, to praise them high. Nonetheless no one believes in what is being said. The sources of ideas will become exhausted and the spirit will become lethargic. Crime increases, and mental sickness and societal disrupt breaks out.

Ibn Haldum said in his „Introduction“ (p. 169): „When the leader is such, who torments and punishes and looks into the secrets of the people and their sins in public increase, in this manner the society will be in a panic and will be overcome with humiliation and then conduct themselves with lies and deception. All of this will corrupt their customs, powers of vision and morals. They even let the leader down, where the should have defended him.  This is how the the custody is not realised and is a result from shady intentions.“ To this explanation about the dangerous dimensions of a dictator regime and the non-existence of freedom of opinion comments Mustafa Emin, „After the limits on authors were made and what was written was used as dictation lessons, the Arabic language was in danger of collapse. In these lessons the leader dictated and the authors had to write the dictation. As soon as the fear of writing a false word, and the trembling started, and as soon as we gradually abandoned the honor of God and instead to praised the leader with writings, the Arabic language fell apart. In any case, this style was such that one should proclaim or announce to the people what the leader had to order. That is how the arabic language experienced another distruction.“ I have nothing more to say from my side. The condition of the country is clear proof of what we have said. The whole press pays attention to the threats of the presidents of the nations, except for those, who have protected God.

Only after the government threats them with murder and bigger problems do they pay attention. As the members of the press built a threat against those interested in a military junta (excuse me against the high interest of the country) then the newspapers were forbidden to be printed. This time the jounalists came to the presidents of the countries and asked for an audience, als a gesture of cowardness and a turning away from their past mistakes. Because of feelings of superiority and exage ows as ist position, fits perfectly to the saying „a bad character doesn't change“. Everything stays at the same poor condition. Non-ending reports, endless ascertainings, incessant accounts of the vile parlament with feelings of thankfulness. Excuse me, I wanted to say the high parlament of the country. How ridiculous it is and what a scandelous behavior, that the television studios have been turned into these kind of centers where questioning take place and power is used against the children of the country. A larger still baseness and meaness has definately never been experienced!

Oh high (independant) Gerichtsausschuß! Excuse me! Should I present even more revealing facts, I am afraid that one would send people (who would also later be shot) to me in my cell that would shoot me from head to toe. The others would be shot and in the dark of the night and would be buried without honor. (Ali Bel Hac)

But as a close I will say this: What ever they do, this military junta will never succeed in bringing the rights to silence. Because the countries of unfairness only have a limited lifetime and it is very short. The country of fairness in contrast will live on forever.

We want to add to the above remarks: Disbelievers and dissolute military juntas always prefer material freedom over spiritual freedom, individual and economic freedom over political freedom. They are for tyrants and their organisations a great danger. Only because of this do we see that these suppressions will be abandoned, rather than the freedom of opinion and belief. Please take attention to this!

After we determine how the west in general looks at the topic of freedom, as we have planned, we return to our brilliant Islamic law. We are coming back to it, to see how it considers the opposing achievements against these unbelieving and dissolute governments. Up to now we have seen, that according to western ideas, one leader is not possible, under the employment of tanks and maschine guns, to achieve power. Should he gain power from the voters, he is not alowed to say even a little from their wishes. If he does that, he will be dismissed as soon as possible, so that the last word lies in the hands of the people. After we have presented the proof of our opponents in relaiton to their beliefs and even in relation to their sources, which they have never mentioned, we want to see, what Islam says in reference to this topic.



An ideal law system means a system, that does not contradict the understanding and the rationality of man, that satisfies the conscious and demands justice through the addressing of the common sense, the relationship between the individual and the collective, the country and the citizen orders, where it is never allowed to stand contradictory to mathematical and scientific things, and that is always missed and desired.

Such a system can only be found in Islam. Therefore, the ideal system in not a system of this world that is laden with uncountable deficiencies and that can not curb endless cravings. This is a product of man, who can be influenced by different actions and reactions. In addittion, the Islamic law system touches upon the realisation and the knowledge of Allah, who is all-knowing and who created everything, who did not yield to his creatures, who created every piece of this universe and at the same time creates the future, the past and the present of the child of man and knows every detail. The system relies upon his infinite and endless knowledge. It is supported upon the knowledge of our creator, who knows us better than we know ourselves and is closer to us than we are.

The Islamic law system is exactly perfect and without gaps, as beautiful as he created heaven and earth, as he called the plants and animals into being, as he gave us two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, two eyebrows and lips. It is exactly as perfect as he harmonized our organs, tissue and cells that build our bodies into a wonderful and cooperative form. It is the nature of things, the material and immaterial structure of man. The scale of justice is in balance on both sides. When someone takes something from the scale, or adds something to it, the balance would be destroyed. Because:

The Islamic law system is an entirety, a whole; every one of its parts is placed in its own model within the system. When one would take the Islamic law system coupled with a belief system, a service to God, that would be taken in by the criminal law system, it would fulfill a reliable function that would lead to peace and a good standard of living. But when one neglects one small part, then it will begin to break down, like a factory, where when one small peice is missing, it will begin to stammer and will become unusable and it makes one bankrupt. Islamic law is recognised and praised by many scientists:


Sava Pascha:

Sava Pascha writes on page 34 of his book „The Theory of Islamic Justice System" the message of our prophet: „Oh people! Listen to me and remember my words well in your memory! I inform you with Allahs permission. I will leave you a law, that you will never go astray, as long as you follow it“

and he says as a closing: There is only one thing in Islam that is just, that is the religion. Religion is one general term, that includes the just basic features of the relationships between people and their creator and the country itself, and that changes not the fact, if it has to do with belief, God's praise or the affairs of the world or not.


Prof. Rogen:

Professor Rogen, a famous lawyer from Switzerland, says the following:

The Islamic Justice System amazed me, it is a safe haven! How I wished for myself, to have been informed about it in my younger years. In that case I would have shown it to the world!“ (Translation from Bedayi, Preface from lawyer Seniyüddin)

Marmaduke Pitchall says the following: „The justice of the creators and his creatures is perfectly described only in the Islamic belief.“


Justice from the Islamic point of view:

The only fair and beautiful system is the Islamic system:

a) The Islamic Law has its origins neither from the West or the East. It is an original Law system, that is based on the relevations of Allah and is only inspired by him.

b) There are four main sources of the Islamic law system: The Koran, the Sunna, the Unity of the Opinions of the scholars and their analogies.

c) The Koran is the constitution of Islam. Under this condition, one accords to the bounds of this constituion, the Sunna brings authority to its leadership and expresses the giving of the law. The giving of the law was given over to the prophets and the Unity of the Opinions.

d) The Islamic Law protects the right that everyone, is in fact entitled to it and gives only tasks to those who are able to fulfill them.

e) Islamic Law lays down every word and activity of the people through punishments and sanctions.

f) There are five punishments and are defined as follows: Duty (religious laws), reccommendations (allowed), voulntary (no matter if it is carried out or not), forbidden (absolute principle, something not to do), and reluctancy (not expressly forbidden, but close to the princinples that it should be avoided).

g) For things voluntary action applies, except for those that show purpose and that would prove able to be carried out based on the capriciousness of the person.

h) Every principle and punishment in Islam includes a definite wisdom, that neither serves to remove a disadvantage or to bring an advantage.

i) Criminal Law sanctions have the goal to uphold the life, property, the spirit and the religion.

j) In the Islamic law there is the inviolable right of the individual and his place of living.

k) Islamic Law forbids obtainig rights with violence.

l) Only in emergency situations (when danger of life is present) are the prohibitions allowed so that a life is saved.

m) Wihtin the territories of Islam ignorance will not be excused.

n) The following punishments are within the Islamic Law: Retaliation (death or retaliation punishment, fines, corporal punishment or reprimand. Besides the arrests there is no further prison punishment.

o) In cases of murder Islam Law system recommends and allows exceptional comparisons with or without settlements.



Because the Islamic Justice system takes its roots from Allah and from his endless knowledge and it is related to his fairness, it is the only beautiful and fair justice system. Consequently it is a justice system that corresponds to the the life of man and the logic of man. Human beings can live as human beings only in this law system. Those who have driven this system out of their law systems or have not yet included it in their law systems are experiencing unrest and loss now and will so in the future. There is only one single law and one single justice. That is only to be found in Islamic Justice. The other justice systems are products of human beings, who are so helpless and support themselves on science and experience. For this reaseon the Koran calls the justice system of man ignorant and says the following: „Do you wish to be ignorant? And who is the better judge for the people, who really believe?“ In another verse the Koran marks the justice system of man as a product of mere cravings: „And you should conduct yourselves between one another according to the word of Allah; and do not follow your tendencies and be careful and do not ignore or push away the word of Allah. Turn away from yourself and know that Allah intends to find out about your sins. Truly are many people iniquitous.“ (Sure Maide, Verse 59)

As it is generally known, this justice system is a fair system, as was said by the prophets. What could there be other than unfairness as not fairness? The Koran says: „What remains other than Error after the truth?" (Sure Yunus, Verse 32)

From these Maide verses the following may be summarised:

1- The Muslim should be very careful and viligent; otherwise those making mistakes will lead him away from the Islamic law and will tempt him to believe in the unfair justice systems, and will tempt him into sin.

2- Those who turn away from the law which Allah gave to us and adopt the wordly law and rule the people with these laws, they will be those who will be iniquitous and will cause a disaster. When such people persist with these evil deeds, they will be plaged now and in their life after death.


Islam in two words:

Islamic duties are based on the worship of the creator and his mercy with his people. Islam neither exploits nor does it become exploited.

A Muslim does neither practice violence nor does he give into violence.


And the conclusion:

After the presentation of all these things we will turn back to the beginning and we ask once more:


„A new world order?!.“

When you are serious about your search you should know that the new world order, that you are searching for, lies in your own hands. It is the Koran law, because it is always ideal and new. It is new because it holds its youth and freshness. It is ideal because it is the only law system that is searched from the first day on by the common sense of human beings. Consequently we are calling on the individuals and organisations whom we quoted at the beginning and we say:

„We are inviting you to a public discussion and we claim that the Islam law keeps its ideal state and freshness, although it has existed for 1415 years. Please! Please mention which matters you have from Islam that have gotten old and that have lost their ideal state?!. Please say it! Or just try!

„O people of the word, come to the same word between us and them, that we serve Allah alone and we do not put anything before him and that not one of us will go to anyone besides Allah. And when you shall turn away from Him, it is said, „It is testified, that we will surrender to him.“ (Sure Ali Imran, Verse 64)


Suggestions and Demands:

The discussion is open and a couple of topics listed below:

1. I maintain and believe, that the existence that is called the world is no illusion but in relation to its creation and is also a form of the truth.

2. I maintain and believe, that Allah really exists.

3. I maintain and believe, that the prophet Muhammed is the last sender of Allah.

4. I maintain and believe, that the Koran is the last book sent down by Allah.

5. I maintain and believe, that the religion that finds acceptance and is valid by Allah is only the Islamic religion.

6. I maintain and believe, that the only fair law system is the Islamic one.

7. I maintain and believe, that the Islamic law system represents the truth and all others represent error.

8. I maintain and believe, that Islam as well as democracy denies that it has obvious political parties and that the voters, who go to the ballot boxes are practicing idolatry, even if they have good intentions.

9. I maintain and believe, that the seperation of church and state is not to be one with the Islam belief.



Here I invite all those who contradict own claims and convictions to a discussion (public sitting)!

I repeat: Hic Rhodus, hic salta!


All praise to the Lord of the worlds!



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