The idols of our world today are the systems, among other things is
The idols of our world today are the systems, among other things is

1. the fascist system,

2. the communist system,

3 The capitalist system,

4 The democratic system,

5. the secular system( which separates religion from the state),

6 Kemal of Thessaloniki and

7 His Kemalist system,

8 The party system,

9. such a system that mixes right and wrong,

10.The system of nationalism and racism is both an idol and an idolater.

The idolaters of our time (the "Abu Jehils", polytheists or hypocrites and unbelievers): All party leaders (without exception); by name: Ecevit, Inönü, Demirel, Deniz Baykal, Devlet Bahçeli, Mesut Yılmaz, Erbakan, and the similar, are idolaters and therefore no funeral prayer may be performed for them. Cindoruk and all other parliamentarians are idolaters, so that no funeral prayer may be carried out for them either. Those voters who go to the ballot box to vote are also idolaters, and their prayers for the dead must never be carried out.

All officials who prefer democracy and secularism, ignoring Islamic law, are also idolaters. No funeral prayer may be performed for them either.

In summary, anyone who claims and advocates that sovereignty belongs to the people without restriction, but not Allah, is an idolater and consequently there is no prayer for such one. Consequently, the only way out for their salvation would be for them to return in great remorse and to acknowledge the Islamic state and then unite under the banner of Tauhid.


  1. The prayer leaders who conceal everything we have written and proclaimed above from their community, and the cult leaders who do not tell their novices what has been written, are both mute Satans and nefarious beings.
  2. If these two, i.e. the prayer leaders and cult leaders, have still not set about doing what is their duty, we will call them all by name to expose their nefariousness.
  3. Everything we have written and proclaimed is nothing other than a fatwa (Islamic legal expertise) and is open to any criticism to be made by way of publication. Therefore, either a critical response or submissive recognition is expected.
  4. list of sources: All textbooks on religious belief, newspaper "Ümmet-i Muhammed", Evidence 1, Evidence 2, Evidence 3, Evidence 4 and Evidence 5 (Sovereignty)

Cemaleddin Hocaoğlu (Kaplan) The 22 Zilkaide 1423 (14.05.1993)



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