Is it possible to combine Islam with Democracy and the layman's system on which it is based?

For this question, only one answer exists, and that is a resounding: "NO!" Because: At its principal, unification is not possible, for Democracy rests upon rule of the people through the human spirit. In opposition, Islam is the mastery of Justice, meaning the mastery of Allah (of God), and is based upon Revelation. To explain this in another way, let us first note that two judicial systems are currently in use by humanity. One is worldly and the other is from Allah. One is based upon reasoning, the other on revelation. One deals with only the material and worldly form of humanity, whereas the other deals with both the material and immaterial form of humanity, also including the Afterlife.

While both judicial systems have some completely similar points, the majority of the points of both systems conflict. In retrospect, one can note the differences between the two systems. Islam Law is already set, unalterable, unchangeable, and valid until Judgement Day. In contrast, worldly Law is changeable and totally inconsitant from one race to another, one epoch to another.

Further, the two systems encompass different sanctions. As relates to Quality: one is global, the other encompasses both the present life and Afterlife. As relates to Quantity: the sentences given by the worldly legal systems are inconstant. The sentences of the Islamic Law Penal System, such as jail sentences, monetary penalties, penalties of physical punishment, the Death Penalty, sentences of exile and censurous penalties, are decreed and are valid until Judgement Day.

In Democracy, the statuates and basic laws are based on the majority via a reckoning of raised voices through an election. In contrast, Islam rests upon the Laws made by the unswervable knowledge and limitless might of Allah. Consequently, to claim that these two systems are similar to one another is a lavish waste of time.

Specifically, it would be as laughable to attempt a comparison between righteousness and beauty. What would the end result be? A fruitless search! Would one presume to claim that humanity is more strong than Allah? Such ludicrousness is not even worth uttering. In reality, humanity is unable to create Law. Why? Because humanity does not know itself completely enough. Would one presume to take authority over something which one has never known? Such is also the case in regard to defining masculinity and femininity, sickness and health, questions of maturity and competence, riches and poverty, the roles of employers and employees, the distinction of superiors and inferiors, physical handicaps and capabilities, and lastly, the body and soul, weak and strong willed, the courageous and the fearful, and still more aspects! Sadly, it is not so easy to create statuates and basic laws which deal with the government of humanity and contend with such differences. Humanity is simply incapable of comprehending such work. Such work is the sole concern of Allah.  One verse of the Koran states the following:

„The giving of Creation, Commandments and Direction belongs solely to Allah. He is all-knowing, He clarifies all, He informs us, He proclaims, and so has he proclaimed.“


Motives and Goals:

The Universe with all that God has given us is a motive, but not an end goal. It is a motive which satisfies all the needs of humanity. The Creation of the Universe, the posession of all unforseeable, and the multiple gifts of God have the end goal of helping humanity to serve its creator, to revere him, and to follow his commandments and direction. The final goal is to obtain his pleasure, to enter into his paradise, and to be at peace.


Introduction to the Basic Laws:

From this point onwards, some excerpts from the Islamic Basic Laws will be examined. As we have seen, the State is not outside of Islam, but rather an integral part. The State is a part of Islamic Religion and Right, just as faith concerns, the appeasement of God, prayer and fasting are dictated by the methods and rules of Islamic Right. One verse which expresses the absolute sovereignity of Allah states:

„Hereby (the children of Israel from ancient times) in our concern, we have commisioned you to perform specific rites based on Islamic right, stemming from the religious commandments. Follow them and not the (personal) inclinations of those who lack conscience!“ (Sure 45, Verse 18)

„Follow those who are sent to you by your lord and follow not other protectors over him. Such a minimal task is left as your admonition.“ (Sura 7, Verse 3)

These verses simply signify that an Islamic people, in all of their concerns and formalities, whether immaterial or material, whether in the present or Afterlife, must turn towards order, more specifically, towards the order of the Koran. Anything other than the Koran's order is a mere whim, the false direction, a friendship pact with Satan and the Unjust. To conclude, anything else is a case which those of good counsel and exhortation will not need. Those that rule things in ways other than Allah decreed and the Prophet proclaimed are those who rule with "Taghut", or with idolaterous law. Taghut is is an expression taken from the Koran meaning the following: Those who infringe on all baoundaries and who claim to always know better. Taghut of a People: That which a people obediently performs outside of the prescription of Allah and his envoys, such is the Taghut of a people. On this ground, and in order for an individual to become Muslim, one must first throw away the Taghut, and all false idols. Then, and only then, can one truly believe in Allah. Sura 2, Verse 256 provides excellent support for this point.


Another interpretation of these facts:

„It is unseemingly for any faithful Man or woman to have their own free choice in any concern which Allah and his prefects have decided. All those who rebel against Allah and his prefects are in notorious error.“ (Sura 33, Verse 36)

One can quite clearly gather from this verse that Allah sanctions no other way for his male and female believers to go than his own. He looks upon those who have been disobedient and have gone their own way as astray in a great aberration.

Allah commands that the laws and prescriptions which concern all Muslims should be proscribed by the wisdom contained in the Koran. He denotes those who have not followed his prescriptions as unjust, frivolous and faithless. One can find further clarifications in Verses 44, 45 and 47 of the Sura Maide (the table). It is exactly this way that Muslims make an enormous mistake regarding the problem of State. They say: "Religion and state are separate." In their opinion, Religion is a matter of conscience between Allah and his servants, because Religion has absolutely nothing to do with the world or with worldly concerns. These latter issues are things which one brings to a Mosque.

One must note that these opinions are completely contrary to the spirit of Islam. None of the learned of Islam can believe this. This view is a treacherous defamation of Islam. If one does not wish to consult the learned of Islam on this isssue, one can easily consult the non-Islamic scientists who have thoroughly examined Islam and have not found anything contrary to this truth. To mention a few:

1. „Islam is not only a religion, but simultaneously an arrangement of State.“ (Dr. v. Fitzgerald, Mohammedan Law, Chapter 1, page 1)

2. „Muhammed, the Holy Prophet, founded the religion while at the same time founding a State, and the boundaries of the two institutions are fully intertwined.“ (C. A. Nallino, cited by Sir T. Arnold in his book "The Caliphate, p. 198)

3. „Islam presents much more than just a religion, but something which is, at the same time, an arrangement of State; In brief, a full-out treasure of Science which encompasses both Religion and State!“ (Dr. Schacht, Encyclopaedia of Social Sciences, Vol. VIII, Page 333)

4- "It is quite clear that the complete Islam contains both Religion and State. He who founded it was both a Prophet and a Statesman." (R. Strottman, The Encyclopaedie IV, page 350)


We would like to close this theme with reference to three Turkish scientists who have researched both Islam and the Kemalian Regime simultaneously :

1. Cetin Özek stated the following:

„The political structure of the new Turkey is in opposition to the founding principles of Islam. Islam requires a collective foundation of state and religious power, whereas the commanding function of religion , the laymen and the laymen's system are at the moment completely in opposition to Islam, and the Islam Law and Religion. The most relevant aspect of its past which Turkey has preserved seems to be that which the faithless have realised.“ (Laymanship in Turkey, Development and Protectorative Determination of Penalty)

2. Prof. Dr. Osman Turan:

„In consideration of the necessity of the agreement of Law with the constitution of the people, their morals, and their needs, the Swiss Civil Law has been translated (the laws were translated word for word, independant of any attempts to prove the above mentioned point) in order to pursue the theme of honest grievances and improvement. In the process, we have shown that, like most institutions which have arisen, which, in the interest of tht historical and community conditions and requrirements of Europe, have developed the layman's system.This need would not exist in Turkey, nor in regard to religious, conscious and rightful freedom. In England, as in other lands, the freedom of consciousness is celebrated, but not as a result of the layman's system of basic laws. This freedom is not perceived as a necessity of a radical reform within the layman's State required for granting a just reform in an active situation.“

3. Nurettin Topcu:

These lines are taken from Nurettin Topcu from his book which was prepared for the higher schools on the theme of social consciousness: „One can clearly see that the State does not contradict the struggle of opinion between religious decree and fanatical piety, just as state concerns cannot be fully separated from the prescriptionsof religion, although the layman would argue to the contrary. Consequently, the entirely tolerant viewpoint has value. This problem has a quality which is correct for the Islamic world. This is due to Islam's worldly manifest opinions, and in contrast to Christianity. The Faithful (Muslims) have prescribed how one should deal with worldly manifested concerns.“

Nurettin Topcu intends to comunicate the opinion that although Christianity is connected to the layman's regime, it is impossible to bind Islam as well, for the scripture of Christainity lacks worldly manifest concerns, whereas Islam can refer to more than 500 verses related to the concerns of State.


And now the conclusion:

As we have already witnessed, the whole world lives in an epoch of unconsciousness except for Islam. Islam, as relates to the material and immaterial, the present and the Afterlife, the State and Religion, is known to both the East and the West. Consequently, many have taken opposition to this religion. Specifically, when a State and its Government is of this opinion, then the whole world supports this unconsciousness and is worshipping a wasteful, and somewhat harmful confusion.

Allah, the exalted Lord, counts those who propagate this State opinion and shrug off the requirements of State, yet still claim to lead their lives as Muslims, as due for punishment. As their worldly sentence, he places them in the position of slave for all eternity, where they will be set aside, lowly and closed. We are contrary to this matter. Our goal is to make Islam as a whole known to the people of the world and to bring them towards internal peace. Understandably, this is no easy task. There will always be those who mock us and others who accredit us as Adventurers, Fanatics, unseasonal, aggressive and violent. In contrast, we are not at all as they claim, neither aggressive, nor violent. We support the equality of Science and consciousness, and call our opposition to debate with us in an open session! Please Come Here! You would like to calmly come to an open session - even if only through the Press! Among others, we have sent the Rectors of 27 universities open letters containing currently prepared letters of proclamation, and we will continue to send similar letters to other institutions.

We will close here and wish shrewdness and rightful leadership for all through the grace of Allah, Master of the World.



1. We are a Muslim Nation and we find ourselves in your lands. Some of us are guest employees, and some of us are under asylum.

2. The grounds for this is the betrayal and disloyalty of M. Kemal (Atatürk) and the disloyal Kemalians. They have destroyed our Unity in order to divide our community and occupy the lands we have been forced to leave behind. As if that were not enough, they have also committed treason against our common Religion, or as it was explained by Organ Ümmet-i Muhammed (Muhammed's Adherent), laid bombs in the Fundament and the smallest parts of our Religion. It is in this way that the Kemalians are hindering the teaching and upbringing of our Religion and denying our demands to be allowed to live as we will.

3. All of this can be found in the book, "Restitution of Rights to the Giver's of Opinion" in both excerpts dealing with rectification, available to the whole world.

4. As Muslims and adherents of the Prophet, we demand our just Rights. We demand the restitution of our lands, the freedom of faith, and lastly, we demand that the Kemalians repent or be penalised. Is that our not simply our right as regards Religion, Law and Conscience?!.

5. We need not consult any lawyers with our demands, and we do not lead any terrorist activities. We are doing exactly that which you have done against the unjustness from the communists who divided your nations, occupied your lands, and supressed your religious freedom and basic human rights. We invite you all in the interest of conscienceness and lawfullness and freedom of spirit to an honest press conference!

6. Because they are aware of the unjustness which they are propagating, they are extremely reluctant to establish an honest press conference. They are torturous, denationalise us, and take our property under duress. As if one had not taken enough abuse, they tell other people and States: „We have only done to them what they could have done to us. It is now their turn. Either they depart or they punish themselves!“

In other words, they attack without remorse. The Kemalians are there and we are here. One must ask why?

Would it not be opportune for us to protest against them as payment for their troubles rather than to present them with our audience? As an example, the Europeans will not allow them to join their "European Community" (EC), even they have been pledging themselves for years in their sweetest voices. The Europeans are correct to not accept them, because they do not even understand the barest of Justice, nor the least Pity, and they do not recognise freedom of belief or consciousness.

We have a saying: „Through continuously being hunted, the cat will some day grow to be the lion!“

The Kurds were continuously insulted through the old story: "He who can call himself lucky, can call himself Turkish!" and when under pressure, and when he desires, he can go into the hills and start to fight with a weapon! Allah is the absolute justice; it is He who acts!



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