99 Names of Allah- Esmaul Husna

According to the Islamic view man is created to serve, worship God. Paradise is promised to him as a reward for his efforts, and the highest joy in paradise is to be allowed to see God and to see the reason of all being. The goal of a real Muslim is therefore only the Creator himself. The world is unimportant to him, but in all things he sees the creative power of Allah. He is aware that no creature has power and strength, but Allah alone is the Mighty. This leaves no room for any pride, for the believer knows that he owes all he has, what he owns and what he has achieved to Allah alone.

The believer tries to direct all his efforts to Allah. Everything he does, he does ultimately only for and because of Allah. Allah's good pleasure is his greatest good. The more he thinks of Allah and lives for Him, the more Allah reveals to him His secrets and His nature.

But since it is impossible to direct our striving towards something we do not know, we can only think of Allah indirectly: through creation we see the power, might and beauty of the Creator; through His attributes mentioned by Himself in the Qur'an.

Allah's attributes are countless. These 99 names, however, are listed in the Qur'an, and with these names the believer is to call upon God and come nearer to Him:


And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allâh[], so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who belie or deny (or utter impious speech against) His Names. They will be requited for what they used to do. (180)

[Al-Araf 180]

He is Allah: no one but He is worthy of worship,

1. Ar-Rahman; the gracious one

2. Ar-Rahiem; the Merciful One

3. Al-Malik; the ruler and king

4. Al-Qudduus; the Holy One, the Pure, free of all blemishes.

5. As-Salaam; the savior, the lender of peace

6. Al-Mu'min; the guardian of security

7. Al-Muhaimin; the Protector and Guardian

8. Al-A'sies; the Exalted, the Venerable.

9. Al-Jabbaar; the mighty, the subservient

10. Al-Mutakabbir, the noble, the proud.

11. Al-Chaliq; the Creator

12 Al-Bary, the Creator who created everything from nothing.

13 Al-Musawwir, the former that gives shape and form to every thing.

14. Al-Ghaffar; the great Forgiver

15. Al-Qahhair; the Master of All; no one can resist His Will

16. Al-Wahhab; the Giver and Lender

17. Ar-Rassaq; the supplier

18. Al-Fattah; the one that opens, the one that opens the doors.

19. Al-A'liem, the All-Knowing.

20. Al-Qabid, who withholds the gifts according to His judgement.

21. Al-Baassite, who also grants these gifts sufficiently and bountifully.

22. Al-Chaafid, the humiliator of the proud/arrogant and unjustly proud one.

23. Ar-Raafi'; the Hearer of the Humble and Modest.

24. Al-Muis, the lender of true honor.

25. Al-Musill, the humiliator of the oppressors of their fellow men.

26. As Sami'; the hearer

27. Al-Basir; the seer

28. Al-Hakam, the wise judge.

29. Al-Adl, the just.

30. Al-Latief; who captures the finest in all dimensions, the sensitive, the kind

31. Al-Chabier, the knowledgeable one who knows the least of the calculations of the heart.

32. Al-Haliem; the forgiving, the compassionate.

33. Al-A'siem, the great, the exalted.

34. Al-Ghafur; the one who forgives again and again

35. Ash Shakur, the Thankful One, who rewards his servant even for the smallest deed

36. Al-Aliy; the Supreme

37. Al-Kabir; the incomparably great

38. Al-Hafieth, the keeper, the upholder, who keepeth the acts of his servants until the last day.

39. Al-Muqiet; the one who feeds all (with both material and spiritual sustenance)

40. Al-Hasieb; the precisely Calculator, the Guarantor

41. Al-Shalil, the Majestic

42. Al-Kariem; the Honorable, the Generous

43. Al-Raqieb; the Watchful One

44. Al-Mudschieb; the Hearer of Prayers

45. Al-Wasi'; the expanse which, with His charity and knowledge, encompasses all things

46. Al-Hakiem; the all-wise

47. Al-Wadud, the loving one who covers everything with his love

48. Al-Madschied, the Glorious One

49. Al-Ba`ith, who will bring people back to life on the Last Day

50. Ash-shahied, the witness

51. Al-Haq the True, the Truthful

52. Al-Wakiel, the trustworthy one, the helper and guard

53 Al-Qawi; the strong one

54. Al-Matien; the feast, the permanent, the only really strong one

55. Al-Waliy, the protector of everyone who needs his protection and guidance

56. Al-Hamied, the honoured one to whom all thanks belong

57. Al-Muhsy, the all-recording

58. Al-Mubdi, the originator, the creator of everything created out of nothing

59. Al-Mu'ied, the repeater who will bring all things back to life

60. Al-Muhjie; the life-giver

61. Al-Mumiet, the one in whose hand is the death.

62. Al-Haiy, the one who lives by himself

63. Al-Qayum; the lonely, the eternal

64. Al-vajidshid, the one who received and found everything

65. Al-maijid, the glorious one.

66. Al-Waahid, the one who has no one beside him.

67. Al-Ahad; the only one ( the only God )

68. As-Samad, who is independent of everything and everyone

69. Al-Quadir; who is capable of all things, the owner of all power and authority

70. Al-Muqtadir, the all-determining one.

71. Al-Muqaddim; The one The Expediter.

72. Al-Mu'achir; the The Delayer.

73. Al-Awwal; the first without beginning

74. Al-Aachir; the last without end

75. Az-Zahir; The Manifest one

76. Al-Baatin, the hidden one whom no one can really comprehend

77. Al-Waali, the only and absolute ruler

78. Al-Muta'aali the Pure, the High

79. Al-Barr; the good One

80. Al-Tawwab, who  accepts the repentance of his servants.

81. Al-Muntaqim, the Avenger

82. Al-Afwu, the Forgiver of Sins

83. Ar-Ra'uf; the Merciful One

84. Malik-ul-Mulk; owner of all wealth

85. Dhu-al-Jalal-wa-al-Ikram; The Lord of Majesty and Bounty

86. Al-Muqsit; The Equitable One

87. Al-Jaami'; the gatherer who will gather all men on the Last Day

88. Al-Ghani; The rich One

89. Al-Mughni; The Enricher

90. Al-Mani; The Preventer of Harm

91. Ad-Darr; The creator of the Harmful

92. An-Nafi' The creator of Good

93. An-Nur; The light

94. Al-Hadi; The Guide

95. Al-Badi; The Originator

96. Al-Baqi; The Everlasting One

97. Al-Warith; The Inheritor of All

98. Ar-Rashid; The Righteous Teacher

99. As-Sabur; The Patient One

Since the highest goal of the believer is to become a good servant of God (in extreme even a slave who has given up all his selfish tendencies), the name Abdul is also one of the best. Abdul have the name of Allah attached, e.g. Abdul Aziz. The best names are Abdullah (Servant of Allah) and Abdurrahman (Servant of the Merciful).


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